About Aqua Bright

Aqua Bright is a local family-owned business offering water softeners, water filtration and all forms of water treatment. We are an authorized, independent distributor of Hague water treatment products, working directly with the manufacturer to bring water treatment solutions to your home or business. Our service area includes the entire Phoenix, AZ metro area.

About Water Treatment For Your Home:

If you’re tired of dry skin, soap scum, calcium build up, spots on glass coming out of the dishwasher or water that tastes dirty, then your home or business needs water treatment. Our local cities do a decent job of making the water drinkable from nature, but over the long term it’s simply not enough. Phoenix and surrounding cities have some of the hardest water in the country. This means that untreated water coming out of your tap has too many minerals and contaminants. When the water is used to clean yourself, your food, your dishes, and other items, it leaves these minerals and contaminants behind as it dries. Water treatment helps to remove these minerals and contaminants so that the water coming out of your tap and running through your appliances is cleaner. This leads to long-term health benefits, healthier skin and hair, longer-lasting appliances, and better tasting food and water.

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Why Choose Aqua Bright?

We’ll respond quickly to your inquiries and get your water treated as soon as possible. Aqua Bright makes the choice as easy as ABC — Affordable, Best Quality, and Complete Water Treatment.

Affordable – Don’t overpay for your water softener! If you go to any of the large stores or distributors you’ll pay extra to cover their large overhead and a percentage for every middle man in the chain of supply. Aqua Bright is a local, family-owned company that works directly with our choice manufacturer, Hague, to bring water treatment solutions directly to your home or business. Cutting out the middle man allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Best Quality – Hague products are the best on the market and that’s why we chose them. They have the best devices to solve all the problems we have with water in the Phoenix Area. It’s rare in any market to have an affordable, best product. Usually affordable product options are low-quality which either don’t work or have to be replaced more often. Also the best products are usually the most expensive. Yet, our business model allows us to provide the best products and still make them affordable, giving you the best value. Why pay more when you can have the best for less?

Complete Water Treatment – The hallmark product of Hague is the Watermax, which is more than “just a water softener”; it’s a patented comprehensive water treatment system. The full line of Hague products are at your disposal including water softeners, whole home filtration, and reverse osmosis.

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