Water Treatment Maricopa, AZWater Treatment Maricopa, AZ

At Aqua Bright we specialize only in water treatment systems with expert precision. Why Choose Aqua Bright? The answers are “Affordable”, “Best Quality” and “Complete Water Treatment” (Easy as ABC).

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Home Water Treatment Maricopa, Arizona

Anything that water touches in your home is affected by water contaminants including harmful or destructive substances. By removing these substances from your water, you remove the problems associated with them. The most common observable problems to the naked eye are created by calcium and magnesium. These contribute to deposits, soap scum and scale build up on your skin, dishes and food, and in your pipes, plumbing and water-using appliances.

Here are some of the benefits of treating the water in your home or business:

  • No more dry skin or hair
  • Better tasting drinking water
  • No more water spots
  • No more bottles water needed
  • …and many more benefits of home water treatment!

Home Water Filtration Maricopa, Arizona

whole home water filtration system is a water filter system that is connected directly to your home’s primary water supply. All water that is used in your house whether it is for bathing, cleaning the dishes, cooking or drinking will pass via this central filter. What this does essentially is eliminate the need of having to install individual water filters on every faucet in your home.

Advantages of using an Aqua Bright Whole Home Water Filtration System

  • Higher drinking and cooking water quality
  • Healthier baths and showers due to reduced chlorine and chloramines present
  • Water using appliances have higher life expectancy
  • Skin and hair will look better and feel softer
  • All harmful contaminants are removed
  • Provides protection against carcinogens
  • Provides an additional layer of protection and peace of mind in the event that there is a failure in sanitation and municipal treatment systems

Aqua Bright’s Whole Home Water Filtration System gets rid of:

  • Bacterial and chemical contaminants
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and copper
  • Pesticides, parasites and volatile organic compounds

More Information on Maricopa, Arizona

Aqua Bright Water is proud to be providing water treatment services in Maricopa Arizona. We thought you might like to know a bit more about this interesting and vibrant community.

Maricopa has a rich past in the sense that it has moved its location 3 times over the years. Originally it was Maricopa Wells and then Maricopa Junction and finally just Maricopa. The settlement began as a collection of watering holes around 8 miles north of its current location.  By the 1800s, it became one of the most vital relay stations along the San Antonio-Diego Mail Line.  By the 1870s, the area prospered as trading flourished between east-west travelers in the area.  The city was officially incorporated on October 15. 2003 as the 88th city in the state of Arizona.

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