Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?

It is a process by which water is demineralized or deionized through the use of pressure via a semi-permeable membrane. Semi-permeable membranes are membranes that allow some molecules and atoms to go through but not others. In reverse osmosis, water passes through a semi-permeable membrane but most of the dissolved salts, bacteria and other contaminants. Pressure is required for the reverse osmosis process to be completed in order to allow pure water to pass while keeping contaminants at bay.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Better Quality of Water
Reverse osmosis can greatly improve not just the taste of water but also its odor and appearance as contaminants that alter its taste and smell are removed safely.

Cost Savings
Using an Aqua bright reverse osmosis system will net you a lot of savings because you no longer need to purchase your water and can also help save the environment as you won’t have to produce waste water bottles.

Ease of Maintenance
Reverse osmosis systems contain minimal moving or replaceable parts, which makes them a breeze to operate and maintain.

Get Rid of Water Impurities

A reverse osmosis system is one of the most effective water purification methods available in the market today and is effective at removing an array of dangerous contaminants ranging from bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, arsenic and more. It can also remove unhealthy chlorine and chloramines.

Basic Components of a Reverse Osmosis System

Point of use or POU reverse osmosis systems is normally installed underneath your kitchen sink. Most systems look and function similarly but they differ in terms of quality. Aqua bright offers high quality reverse osmosis systems using the best materials available that utilize the latest technology to ensure you get the highest water quality possible.
Cold Water Line Valve – The water source of the reverse osmosis system
Pre-filter – They are used to safeguard the reverse osmosis membranes by removing silt, dirt and sand that may otherwise clog the system.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane – The core of any reverse osmosis setup. A semi-permeable membrane that is designed to get rid of a variety of contaminants.
Storage Tank – Can hold from two to four gallons of water. A bladder within keeps the water pressurized.
Post Filter – Usually a carbon filter that eliminates odors and tastes.
Automatic Shut Off Valve – to minimize water wastage during the process.
Check Valve – prevents backward flow of treated water from the storage tank, which can also damage the sensitive reverse osmosis membrane.
Flow Restrictor – to ensure adequate flow rates to attain the best quality drinking water.
Drain Line – used to dispose of wastewater that contains the harvested contaminants that have been removed by the reverse osmosis membrane.

Don’t compromise your health and the health of your loved ones with a faulty water filtration system. An Aqua Bright reverse osmosis system is one of the most effective means of getting the highest drinking water quality.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems purify water and remove any contaminants larger than a water molecule. They are used to purify “life support” water, which is water used for drinking and food preparation.

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