Warning Signs of Hard Water Problems in Your Home

If you’ve heard about hard water before, you’re probably wondering why the topic is able to stir up some controversy, and if you are, allow us to set the record straight.

In the past there were scientists who believed that hard water actually had the power to help men suffering from heart disease rebuild their cardiovascular health, and while the study was promising, it lacked the sufficient findings to be deemed as accurate. Instead, what scientists found was that there were few to no positive aspects surrounding hard water. What they did establish, however, is that homes that had hard water present in their water supply eventually encountered water problems that could only be helped by using the right kind of water treatments.

Despite the fact that hard water can pose a substantial threat on the households it is found in, as well as on its inhabitants, only 30 percent of those affected are using a water softener as a means of mitigation. As for the rest of the population, most of them aren’t even up to par with what hard water is, and many others have yet to understand why purchasing a water softener can better a household in more ways than one.

So what is hard water and why are some households more affected by it than others? Well for starters, hard water is assessed by how many grains of hardness per gallon are found in a house’s water supply. Depending on the amount, a homeowner’s hard water problem can be placed under 5 categories: Extremely hard, very hard, hard, moderately hard, and slightly hard. Logically, households falling under the umbrella of extremely hard, very hard, and hard are going to start noticing the effects of hard water a lot quicker than those who have a smaller amount of grain per gallon.

Hard water is infamous for causing a string of issues to arise in the industrial and residential world. This is due to hard water’s high mineral content forming a negative relationship with large pieces of equipment that need water to function properly. Hard water is created when soft water meets large amounts of magnesium carbonates and calcium, and incorporates deposits of limestone and chalk into its genetic makeup. Once limestone and chalk are in the water supply, they can start to cause many different problems to arise.

Warning Signs That Hard Water Is Negatively Impacting Different Branches of Your Household

Have you ever wondered why your dishes look spotted after having been previously washed, or why you need to add extra fabric softener to your laundry loads? Well if you have, you don’t have to wonder any longer, because these findings are an indication that hard water is affecting your home.


More often than not, homeowners ignore the presence of hard water in their homes until it is too late. While calcium and magnesium might be healthy when taken in vitamin form, these two elements can wreak havoc on a house’s plumbing system. When the effects of hard water only present themselves in the form of lime scale, most people are quick to ignore its existence, but once pipes start to show signs of corrosion, more drastic measures need to be taken. In some cases, the corrosion can be so severe that a house’s pipes can become permanently blocked. However, this is an extreme case and most commonly, homeowners notice a significant drop in their water pressure and report their findings to a professional.

If any of these warning signs ring a bell, hiring a plumber to assess the current state of your pipes can be very beneficial. Instead of waiting until a full blockage occurs, you can hire a plumber who can replace the corroded pipes and supply your home with a water softener to ensure that this expensive issue doesn’t happen again.


There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a good amount of money on a brand new washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher only to have it completely break down within a couple of year’s time. While blaming the company that provided you with these appliances might sound logical, the only thing to point a finger at is hard water. One of the many negative effects of hard water is its ability to create scum buildup, mineral deposits, and piping blockages. Chances are, if your relatively new appliances aren’t working as promised, it might be because the hard water that circulates within them is stopping detergents from properly foaming, lathering, and cleaning both clothing and dishes.

Eventually, your appliances can begin to wear out and under-perform, until they can no longer keep up with their tasks and break down completely. Moreover, washing with hard water requires more dish soap and laundry detergent than washing with soft water does. This is because hard water prevents suds from forming with ease.

Getting a water softener not only allows appliances to live up to their expectations, it allows them live a long and healthy life.

Personal Use

One of the easiest ways to pinpoint whether or not you have a large volume of minerals present in your water is to shower and take note of how your skin and hair feels afterwards. If your hair feels dry and limp despite having used plenty of conditioner, and your skin dehydrated, you are probably showering with hard water.

One of the biggest warning signs that hard water is impacting your health negatively is having to go see a dermatologist due to skin ailments. Having dry, peeling, and flaky skin despite not having been born with eczema can be an indication that hard water is clogging your pores. While showering with hard water is bad enough, drinking it is worse, as it can cause teeth to feel gritty therefore putting them in a weakened state. Not to mention it can also scum-up your shower head and weaken its water flow.

The negative effects that hard water brings to the table are significantly worse than the vague health benefits they pose, which is why 30 percent of those affected by hard water choose to purchase a water softener that is going to completely reinvent their relationship with their water supply.

Don’t wait until your appliances, drains, and pipes break down due to mineral and soap scum buildup, and get a water softener today.


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