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Clean water makes families happy.

As a local family-owned business we’ll treat you the same as we expect to be treated without corporate fluff and without any hassle. We specialize only in water treatment systems with expert precision. (Although if you need a good plumber or other contractor we can refer you to some good ones). Why Choose Aqua Bright? The answers are “Affordable”, “Best Quality” and “Complete Water Treatment” (Easy as ABC).

A – Affordable Water Treatment

Water Treatment Products, such as water softeners, water filtration, and reverse osmosis, are generally delivered to the consumer through one of three distribution channels: Big Retailers, Proprietary Franchises, and Independent Distributors.

The big retailers, like Home Depot and Lowes, are trusted by consumers for their familiarity, visibility and long-term consumer conditioning. However, while retailers may carry many good home products, they are not the best resource for water treatment. Their products are cheap with cheap parts. The initial price is often the cheapest, but you’ll often pay for it in the long run either with frequent replacement or ineffective water treatment. Since these products don’t perform as well as quality products you don’t receive the money-saving benefits that should come with water treatment.

Proprietary franchises often have quality products, but they’re also the most expensive. The higher quality factors into the cost of the product, but you’re also paying for overhead, their brand name, and a few middle men since they have a complete supply chain (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, consumer).

Independent Distributors offer the best value because they can provide high-quality products and still make it affordable. They are able to do this because they work directly with the manufacturer to supply the product to the consumer. Aqua Bright is an authorized independent distributor for Hague water treatment products. By cutting out the middle man and passing the savings on to you we can provide you with affordable water treatment. But are the products good quality? . . .

B – Best Quality

Hague water treatment products are the best quality on the market and that’s why we chose to distribute their products over any of the others. There is no shortage in the variation of competitor products, but we figured that if we’re going to supply, install, maintain and service water treatment products in the Phoenix area, we are going to do the job right!

Hague products are Energy Star certified, eco-friendly and tested by the Water Quality Association. They come with a 25 year warranty which is longer than competitor products because Hague products are built to last. Also, the specific Hague products that we distribute are the right systems for treating water and eliminating virtually any water problem that we have in the Phoenix area. In most cases, it’s not enough just to soften the water. By definition, “hard” water has too much calcium and magnesium, and water softeners that only soften the water will primarily remove these two elements. However, there are other substances in the water that can be harmful to your health, home and appliances. So do you need more than just a water softener? . . .

C – Complete Water Treatment

Phoenix and surrounding cities have some of the hardest water in the country. While they do a decent job of making the water drinkable from nature, the water is by no means pure when it leaves the treatment plant and it has to travel through miles of pipe that were installed years ago. Even if your home water comes from a well, such as Apache Junction and other cities in the outskirts of the valley, there are years of waste and chemicals that seep into the water supply. Either way, by the time the water reaches your home, it may be drinkable in that it won’t kill you; but the substances that came along for the ride can be hazardous to your health, home and appliances over the long term.

As mentioned previously, Phoenix and surrounding cities have some of the hardest water in the country, so water softening or removing calcium and magnesium is a very important part of water treatment. Many home owners and business owners who just have water softeners will notice the night and day difference with the absence of soap scum on bathroom fixtures or water spots on dishes coming out of the dishwasher. We can accommodate anyone who just wants to focus on water softening.

Yet, the hallmark water treatment product is the WaterMax, which is not just a softener but also a filtration device. Since there are many other substances besides calcium and magnesium in the water, such as iron, chlorine, acidity (pH), sulfur, chlorine, bacteria, other chemicals, microbes and sediment, it takes more than softening the water to make it clean. It also takes filtration and purification. That’s why water softeners are combined with filtration and reverse osmosis systems. For complete water treatment, ask about the Max Pack, which combines the WaterMax (softener and filtration) with the H6000 Reverse Osmosis System. To give you a general idea, reverse osmosis systems filter out anything larger than a water molecule, which includes bacteria, microbes, dirt and other sediment. Softening and Filtration does the rest. For a more complete description, see What’s The Difference.

Our services begin with a courtesy water test to determine the specific water treatment needs of your home or business. Request your free water test today.

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